Sunday, 2 December 2012

Listen To My Soul

If my life were to end at this moment, who would really care? Would it be those who claim unlove me, but really are not there. So much weight on my shoulders, tryna be positive through my pain. For some its not understandable, but my pain is easy to explain. Imagine how you would feel, if you lost all that you ever had. I lost my mother, brother, sister, grandparents, and even my unknown dad. When I lost my mother, I lost my life because she was my everything. Never got a chance to pay my respects, can you imagine the pain that brings? I know that you cant, but I really didnt think that you could. Take one step in my shoes, try it, I really wish that would. Then again no I dont, I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy! I findit hard to envision, that this life was chosen for me. Just imagine sitting in a room, listening while numerous lies are told. Then having a jury deciding your fate, not knowing how it would unfold. 60 years in prison, shit, judge had to be telling some kind of joke. Over 17 years later, still standing, but my spirits nearly broke. Standing tall, determined, and resolute, I'll continue to push ahead. Acknowledging that there are some who would rather me give up instead. But thats not go happen, Im pushing on, lets see how it'll unfold. Seems like speaking with my mouth gets no response, maybe yall will "Listen To My Soul".
 BY: CURTIS JONES © Copyright All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


We tell children to stay in a child's place, so why are there so many children in prison. Kids forced to grow up at a fast pace, now enslaved in prison living. Lock em up and throw away the key, seems to be the desired course of action. Illogical thinking and ill fated reforms have proven to be a failed reaction. Instead of rehabilitation disguises in prison, how about trying rehabilitation in their homes. Since in all actuality, that is where these children really belong. The eyes of Justice, have definitely become blinded to the ways of this mad scheme. When all they can think of is punishment, instead of these children chasing there dreams. Young impersinoable minds, now being shaped in an environment full of mistrust and anger. Only to be freed one day, thereby placing the community at an even greater danger. What was once an innadnt mind, now hardened from the affects of doing hard time. No longer chasing their dreams, its now chasing a life of crime. Its time to find solutions to this problem, because soon it'll be too late. Its a community problem, that we cant afford to leave it to the state. There is no reasonable minded adult, who should be in agreement with this. So in the name of Davontae Sandford, lets take a stand for "Justice"
 by Curtis Jones
 © Copyright All Rights Reserved

Simple Man

As I search for understanding about this life that I live. I've come to realize, that there is so muchmore for me to give. Striving for perfection, yet still nowhere even close. My priorities are now together, and thats what matters most. For every thought and reflection, one must make a conscience decision. And these decisions have to be made with delicacy and precision. Every decision has consequences, that we all have to accept. But we shouldnt therefore live our lives, based on possible regret. Determined to change my life, yet still searching for that way. I have complete faith im knowing that I will make it one day. So in this journey called life, I seek to find Gods plan. And struggle to understand that the world wont be changed by one man. So I accept my flaws and carry on, while searching for the good. And strive to live my life, as any righteous man would. My future can only be good, if based on a solid plan. But I have to be realistic and remember that I'm just a Simple Man.
 by Curtis Jones 
 © Copyright All Rights Reserved


The strength of a woman is the foundation of many things. I pay tribute to every aspect, of all the things they bring. From the moment of birth, its the woman who sets the pace. A disciplinarian and nurturer, who wipes the tears from our face. This poem is about a strength that is within all of you. This strength allows you to persevere and do Whatevep you desire to do. Its allows you to be strong, even in the midst of a test. Its during those times of tribulation that you are at your best. At times life can seen a little risky, or even like a gamble. But with the strength you possess, there is nothing you cant handle. So I look to you for strength, that doesnt just come from anywhere. It has to come from a person whom I know really does care. So I thank God, for the blessing of there great women he has sent. But most importantly, I thank God, for blessing you all with Strength.
 By: Curtis Jones
 © Copyright All Rights Reserved


Taking each day in stride, trying to deal with the stress. Ready to show the world, what I am like at my best. Humble in my ways, yet stern in my pursuit of life. Ready to be a father and great husband to a wife. The difficulties that I face, are enhance by my situation. No offering of real help, just some supposed rehabilitation. A stronger man now, due to the fact that nothing ever came easy. No longer eager to please others, placing nothing before me. Realizing my self worth and not playing into the self hate. Those negative distracting thought, I no longer have to contemplate. With the exception of a few, I am truly my brothers keeper. Maybe one day I'll accept those few, as my understanding gets deeper. So I move forward in life, not willing to accept any form of defeat. At the same time accepting the fact, that my life is still so Incomplete.
 By: Curtis Jones
 © Copyright All Rights Reserved

Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Things I see

In this world I see hatred and fears based on lies. These lies are told, so that my skin color they'll despise. Never one to sit back, I chose yet to complain. I face imprisonment and death, for going against the grain. Not givenmany options, so I chose my own path. But I know the life of doing wrong won't last. As I watch friends and loved ones die, my eyes will not blink. Perhaps these are the reactions of a man who cannot think. Determined not to die, or to live my life behind these walls. I reach out for help, hoping that someone will hear my calls. Yet if I have to make it on my own, I understand the task. And I know that no matter what, these hard timed won't last. Determined to change my life, yet still searching for that way. I have complete faith and know that I will make it one day. So in this journey called life, I seek to find Gods plan. And struggle to accept that the world won't be changed by one man. So I look forward to the future and whatever it may be. And hopefully my future will change some of "The Things I See"! 

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American Nightmare

Hands stretched out for help, someone please hear my cry. I've watched all that I know and love, helplessly die. As I cling to life, the water has continued to rise. My strength overrides my fear, struggling to avoid a sudden demise. I claw, push, and kick, just tryna make it to the light. Hopeful that if I make it there, everything will be alright. I make my way to my roof, where I am horrified to see. That the devastation is everywhere and there are more people like me. I see bodies floating in water, cries for help ring out. Mayhem and destruction is what this storm has brought about. The storm that I speak of, is called by Katrina by name. Something so powerful, that it has torn houses from there frame. As I scan this scene of destruction, I am simply amazed. Not knowing at that moment, that we would be left there for days. How were we to know, that in this land of the free. That such destruction and desertion, was even a remote possibility. By the time help came, our lives had been forever changed. Five years later and their still slinging help promises on their campaigns. My house no longer a home, but I really don't think they care. I'm just hoping, wishing, and praying, for an end to my American Nightmare.

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Petitioning Allen County Prosecuting Attorney Karen Richards


Affidavit !

The photo lineup used by the prosecutor


 The photo lineup used by the prosecutor. The person circled is the person who confessed to the shooting and picked out of the lineup!

Fighting for truth Cj 2012

This Blog is designed to highlight the gross injustice being done to Curtis Jones at the hands of the Allen County Prosecutors Office! On December 01, 2008 Troy D. Phinezy confesses to the murder of Tracy Williams in Judge John F. Surbeck's courtroom! On December 01, 2008, witness testified that Troy confessed to him that he had done the shooting! April 27, 2012, eyewitness testifies in Judge Surbeck's courtroom that she saw the shooting and that Curtis Jones was not the person she observed running from the scene of thee crime! On April 27, 2012, witness testifies that he observes Troy Phinezy retrieve the murder weapon! On June 18, 2012, the same eyewitness identified Troy Phinezy in a photo lineup at the Allen County Prosecutors office

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