Sunday, 2 December 2012

Listen To My Soul

If my life were to end at this moment, who would really care? Would it be those who claim unlove me, but really are not there. So much weight on my shoulders, tryna be positive through my pain. For some its not understandable, but my pain is easy to explain. Imagine how you would feel, if you lost all that you ever had. I lost my mother, brother, sister, grandparents, and even my unknown dad. When I lost my mother, I lost my life because she was my everything. Never got a chance to pay my respects, can you imagine the pain that brings? I know that you cant, but I really didnt think that you could. Take one step in my shoes, try it, I really wish that would. Then again no I dont, I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy! I findit hard to envision, that this life was chosen for me. Just imagine sitting in a room, listening while numerous lies are told. Then having a jury deciding your fate, not knowing how it would unfold. 60 years in prison, shit, judge had to be telling some kind of joke. Over 17 years later, still standing, but my spirits nearly broke. Standing tall, determined, and resolute, I'll continue to push ahead. Acknowledging that there are some who would rather me give up instead. But thats not go happen, Im pushing on, lets see how it'll unfold. Seems like speaking with my mouth gets no response, maybe yall will "Listen To My Soul".
 BY: CURTIS JONES © Copyright All Rights Reserved

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