Sunday, 2 September 2012

American Nightmare

Hands stretched out for help, someone please hear my cry. I've watched all that I know and love, helplessly die. As I cling to life, the water has continued to rise. My strength overrides my fear, struggling to avoid a sudden demise. I claw, push, and kick, just tryna make it to the light. Hopeful that if I make it there, everything will be alright. I make my way to my roof, where I am horrified to see. That the devastation is everywhere and there are more people like me. I see bodies floating in water, cries for help ring out. Mayhem and destruction is what this storm has brought about. The storm that I speak of, is called by Katrina by name. Something so powerful, that it has torn houses from there frame. As I scan this scene of destruction, I am simply amazed. Not knowing at that moment, that we would be left there for days. How were we to know, that in this land of the free. That such destruction and desertion, was even a remote possibility. By the time help came, our lives had been forever changed. Five years later and their still slinging help promises on their campaigns. My house no longer a home, but I really don't think they care. I'm just hoping, wishing, and praying, for an end to my American Nightmare.

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