Tuesday, 20 November 2012


We tell children to stay in a child's place, so why are there so many children in prison. Kids forced to grow up at a fast pace, now enslaved in prison living. Lock em up and throw away the key, seems to be the desired course of action. Illogical thinking and ill fated reforms have proven to be a failed reaction. Instead of rehabilitation disguises in prison, how about trying rehabilitation in their homes. Since in all actuality, that is where these children really belong. The eyes of Justice, have definitely become blinded to the ways of this mad scheme. When all they can think of is punishment, instead of these children chasing there dreams. Young impersinoable minds, now being shaped in an environment full of mistrust and anger. Only to be freed one day, thereby placing the community at an even greater danger. What was once an innadnt mind, now hardened from the affects of doing hard time. No longer chasing their dreams, its now chasing a life of crime. Its time to find solutions to this problem, because soon it'll be too late. Its a community problem, that we cant afford to leave it to the state. There is no reasonable minded adult, who should be in agreement with this. So in the name of Davontae Sandford, lets take a stand for "Justice"
 by Curtis Jones
 © Copyright All Rights Reserved

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