Tuesday, 20 November 2012


The strength of a woman is the foundation of many things. I pay tribute to every aspect, of all the things they bring. From the moment of birth, its the woman who sets the pace. A disciplinarian and nurturer, who wipes the tears from our face. This poem is about a strength that is within all of you. This strength allows you to persevere and do Whatevep you desire to do. Its allows you to be strong, even in the midst of a test. Its during those times of tribulation that you are at your best. At times life can seen a little risky, or even like a gamble. But with the strength you possess, there is nothing you cant handle. So I look to you for strength, that doesnt just come from anywhere. It has to come from a person whom I know really does care. So I thank God, for the blessing of there great women he has sent. But most importantly, I thank God, for blessing you all with Strength.
 By: Curtis Jones
 © Copyright All Rights Reserved

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