Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Simple Man

As I search for understanding about this life that I live. I've come to realize, that there is so muchmore for me to give. Striving for perfection, yet still nowhere even close. My priorities are now together, and thats what matters most. For every thought and reflection, one must make a conscience decision. And these decisions have to be made with delicacy and precision. Every decision has consequences, that we all have to accept. But we shouldnt therefore live our lives, based on possible regret. Determined to change my life, yet still searching for that way. I have complete faith im knowing that I will make it one day. So in this journey called life, I seek to find Gods plan. And struggle to understand that the world wont be changed by one man. So I accept my flaws and carry on, while searching for the good. And strive to live my life, as any righteous man would. My future can only be good, if based on a solid plan. But I have to be realistic and remember that I'm just a Simple Man.
 by Curtis Jones 
 © Copyright All Rights Reserved

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