Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Things I see

In this world I see hatred and fears based on lies. These lies are told, so that my skin color they'll despise. Never one to sit back, I chose yet to complain. I face imprisonment and death, for going against the grain. Not givenmany options, so I chose my own path. But I know the life of doing wrong won't last. As I watch friends and loved ones die, my eyes will not blink. Perhaps these are the reactions of a man who cannot think. Determined not to die, or to live my life behind these walls. I reach out for help, hoping that someone will hear my calls. Yet if I have to make it on my own, I understand the task. And I know that no matter what, these hard timed won't last. Determined to change my life, yet still searching for that way. I have complete faith and know that I will make it one day. So in this journey called life, I seek to find Gods plan. And struggle to accept that the world won't be changed by one man. So I look forward to the future and whatever it may be. And hopefully my future will change some of "The Things I See"! 

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