Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Taking each day in stride, trying to deal with the stress. Ready to show the world, what I am like at my best. Humble in my ways, yet stern in my pursuit of life. Ready to be a father and great husband to a wife. The difficulties that I face, are enhance by my situation. No offering of real help, just some supposed rehabilitation. A stronger man now, due to the fact that nothing ever came easy. No longer eager to please others, placing nothing before me. Realizing my self worth and not playing into the self hate. Those negative distracting thought, I no longer have to contemplate. With the exception of a few, I am truly my brothers keeper. Maybe one day I'll accept those few, as my understanding gets deeper. So I move forward in life, not willing to accept any form of defeat. At the same time accepting the fact, that my life is still so Incomplete.
 By: Curtis Jones
 © Copyright All Rights Reserved

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